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Why Pro Landing Pages?


Venture Capital Firms and Silicon Valley Investors are pouring millions of dollars into Landing Page Start-ups. Want to know why? Websites with 10-15 landing pages have been known to increase conversions by 55% over business websites with less than 10 landing pages. More than 40 landing pages can increase conversions by over 500%. (Study by HubSpot)

A landing page or lead capture page is one of the key tools for selling products or services online. All digital marketing methods should lead to a landing page. A landing page is single-page website which converts visitors into potential leads or sales when they take the required action.

While selling a product or service through a landing page, you capture contact details of potential leads for future marketing. Once the lead becomes your customer, they are more likely to buy more products from you in future. Hence, it is vital to use the best landing page software service for your business. 

Businesses need Pro Landing Pages to focus their prospects attention on each individual aspect of their business.  By targeting a single product or service, conversion rates increase dramatically.  The high quality of our custom landing pages allow you to drive more traffic to your business.

Your landing page has to look professional as you persuade visitors to become clients. At S&S Pro Services, we are well versed in facilitating online businesses of all ranges. We understand the importance of innovative solutions to increase the conversion rates by designing and optimizing your custom landing page. 


Features and Benefits of Pro Landing Pages

  • We create custom-made landing pages for any industry.
  • There are 1,000s of graphics to choose from.
  • Redirect your prospect to any website of your choosing or send them a follow-up email to let them know you will be in touch soon.
  • Use an auto-responder to automatically send a follow up message to your new potential client.
  • Include testimonials for third party validation.

The success of a landing pages determines how much traffic you are able direct to your business. With S&S Pro Service’s best pro landing software, you will get a high-quality landing page to improve your conversion rates. With our well-trained professionals, work is delivered to you with in no time and costs involved are very reasonable.

Track Your Success

Landing pages allow you to concentrate your metrics on what is working and what isn’t working by testing to find out what appeals to your potential customers.

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