About Us – S&S Pro Services Management Team

At S&S Pro Services, we understand that most small businesses just want to see results from their advertising dollars. Empty promises don’t bring in business…leading-edge advancements in advertising and SEO are the key.  S&S Pro Services wants to be an integral part of your advertising scheme so you can manage your business without worrying about this aspect of your success.

Our team of professionals at S&S Pro Services will focus on getting your business noticed with diverse and innovative solutions. We will work with you one-on-one to create the best advertising package to fit your business needs. You can sit back, relax, and watch the results pour in.

Steve Smith

Steve Smith - CEO

Steve Smith, CEO of S&S Pro Services, is a digital marketing specialist with a life-long background in business.  He was previously the president of a bank and has a masters degree in business administration.  Steve has focused on marketing for much of his career and now has created a company that will help our clients to achieve the best possible results and standout in the crowd. 

Contact Steve:

Phone:  (970) 522-0767 or (303) 800-6866

Email:  steve@ssprosvcs.com

Lori Smith - President

Lori Smith - President

Lori Smith, President of S&S Pro Services, has a background in education and customer service.  She has been a business owner since 2004 and has managed employees along with graphic design and sales generation.  Now she manages a team of top marketing and search engine optimization specialists. 

Contact Lori:

Phone:  (970) 522-0767 or (303) 800-6866

Email:  lori@ssprosvcs.com

Natasha Merrick - Vice President

Natasha Merrick - Vice President

Natasha Merrick, Vice President of S&S Pro Services, is our local sales representative for the Denver, Colorado Metro area.  She has been in sales most of her life and loves connecting with her customers.  Natasha maintains her personal and professional relationships with honesty, loyalty and inflexible ethical standards. 

Contact Natasha:

Phone:  (720) 949-7816

Email:  natasha@ssprosvcs.com