If you are a fan of Apple products, it appears 2017 is going to be a big year. At Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference, WWDC, they made some big announcements.

iMac Pro, the most powerful Mac yet, is going to be released this December. Some of the most notable features are 22 teraflops of GPU performance, fast storage and advanced I/O, with next-generation Intel Xeon up to 18-core processors. The price tag is also impressive, starting at $4,999.

Apple and WWDC

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The new IOS software is also getting some powerful updates, with Siri having improved speech, the ability to translate sentences into other languages, and even a male version of Siri. There was also a 10.5 inch iPad Pro introduced that includes a 12-megapixel camera and it has 10 hours of battery life.

One of the most talked about new product lines that was unveiled is the Apple Homepod. It is similar to Amazon Echo and Google Assistant, but with special musical features as described in this article:

The 8 biggest announcements from Apple WWDC 2017 – The Verge

So let’s get the Siri speaker rumors out of the way: it turns out Apple wasn’t quite aiming its smart speaker to go against just Amazon Echo and Google Home, but also the Sonos home entertainment speakers. Called the HomePod, it uses spacial awareness to tune and better fill the room with sound based on the space it’s in. It also has a “Musicologist” feature that works with Apple Music to stream the music you ask the speaker’s built-in Siri to play. You can even ask more complex, music-related questions like “Who’s the drummer in this song?” or “What album came out on this day 20 years ago?”

Read the full post here:  The 8 biggest announcements from Apple WWDC 2017 – The Verge

Another big update, which was the first announcement CEO Tim Cook made in his keynote address, is the enhancements planned for Apple TV. Also know as tvOS, is an operating system developed by Apple for the fourth-generation Apple TV digital media player.

The new development is that Apple TV is getting a big new content source — Amazon Prime Video will soon be part of tvOS. He mentioned there would be more updates with Apple TV in the near future.

This video features all of the items discussed on the first day of WWDC, which runs from June 5 – June 9:

This conference is Apple’s way of allowing thousands of developers from around the world the opportunity to meet up with Apple engineers and sit in on priceless workshops and software sessions. For over ten years it was held in San Francisco, but this year’s convention is being held at the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose.

Amazingly, this event started in 1983 and back then only had between 2,000 and 4,200  attendees. In 2007, they capped it at 5,000 and it has sold out ever since.

Want to know the ticket price? It costs $1,599 to get in the door and you have to apply to even be considered. Then the tickets are drawn lottery style, so even if you have the cash on hand you aren’t guaranteed a spot.

This tweet links to a Mashable article about the advancements in Apple’s wearable technology to help track your health:

Wise move on their part to gain more traction in a $2.8 trillion dollar industry. With Apple sitting at #3 on the Fortune 500, it will be interesting to see if they can keep up the momentum. Considering their track record of constant innovation, I think the answer is yes.