If you aren’t aware of the site called Twitch, you are either not an avid gamer or you have been hiding under a rock. Established in 2011, Twitch is a leading social video platform and community for gamers that ranks 4th highest in traffic behind Netflix, Apple, and Google.  It has almost 10 million active users that log in to watch others play video games as well as discuss and interact with their gaming passion. There are a lot of streamers that are playing Red Stag Casino bonus at www.EasyMobileCasino.com, where they bet real money. It has formed a video game culture that is a unique way to connect with like minds on video gaming and other creative arts.

Now they are offering even more incentive to join the millions of active video streamers and viewers:  The opportunity to buy the game you’re watching through a live stream. The following post from CNET gives a quick overview of the new program starting this spring:

Twitch will let you buy games directly from streams – CNETTwitch Logo

The streaming site focused on video games, tournaments and gaming culture will release this spring an update to allow viewers to buy the game they’re watching others play. A “buy now” button will pop up next to the video description, sending viewers to a page where they can purchase the game.

Those who stream game play will get a 5 percent share of the purchase, enabling viewers to support their favorite shows and gamers. Streamers can opt into the new program by going to the settings tab in the “monetization” section and enabling revenue from game sales.

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The statistics for how many dedicated gamers are on Twitch are mind blowing – 45 million!  Not only that, more than 60% of its viewers watch Twitch for at least 20 hours per week. That a massive audience of undivided attention that advertisers can tap into.

It isn’t just individual people streaming video games. Twitch also includes competitive gaming which offer payouts for major events in the millions of dollars.  You can also be a Twitch partner after you have a certain number of followers and charge for subscribers. The following video is an excellent overview of Twitch and how it has become a major player in the world of online traffic:

How much money can you expect to make from Twitch when they launch the ability to purchase a video game with a Buy Now button? Streamers will get 5% of the total purchase and partner streamers will also receive 5% from in-game items bought through their channel page. The developers of the game will get 70% of the cost.

This post from Game Spot discusses how it will work when buying video games on Twitch:

You Can Now Buy Games From Twitch, And Streamers Get A Cut | GameSpot

Streaming service Twitch is to start selling digital PC games soon. The site announced today that it will allow viewers to purchase games directly from streamers’ pages starting spring Video Game Controller2017.

Once you’ve bought a game, it will be launchable through Twitch’s own desktop program, or through publisher-led applications such as Ubisoft’s Uplay. Doing so will reward customers with a free Twitch Crate, which may include randomized drops of items such as exclusive emotes, chat badges, and more.

Read the full post here:  You Can Now Buy Games From Twitch, And Streamers Get A Cut – GameSpot

Interesting that Amazon jumped on the Twitch bus, making the online hit part of the Amazon Prime package. If Cable TV companies can’t learn a lesson from the popularity of live streaming sites like Twitch, they are not going to make it. Young online viewers want to have the option to choose and not have something shoved down their throat.  Technology is changing fast, and grabbing the attention of that size of a fan base is significant when making marketing decisions.