Watching videos on YouTube is one of the most popular pastimes worldwide, with over a billion users watching countless hours of video every day. Over half Night Time Televisionof the views come from mobile devices, and YouTube has launched local versions in almost 90 countries in a total of 76 different languages.

Many of these views are happening when it is dark outside, and we all know that a bright screen in a dark room can be somewhat blinding. In fact, I wonder how many toes are stubbed after staring at the screen and then getting up to fetch another drink or snack? I know I’ve done it at least once!

So, YouTube has come up with a feature called the Dark Mode, which is great for saving your eyes and your toes. The following post from Engadget provides more info:

Unlock YouTube’s hidden Dark Mode to save your eyes

If you’ve ever tried to watch YouTube when it’s dark out, you know that the typical bright white of the video service’s page can be a bit blinding. Enter “Dark Mode,” a hidden feature that turns the light surfaces black or dark gray so you can get on with those cat videos without all that glare.Hidden Dark Mode on YouTube'

  1. Open console
  2. Paste: document.cookie=”VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE=fPQ4jCL6EiE”
  3. Reload
  4. Click your avatar
  5. Dark mode!

Read more here:  Unlock YouTube’s hidden Dark Mode to save your eyes

Now those instructions sound simple, but there is a little more to it than that. When it says open console, that is referring to the browser’s developer tools. To get to that panel, you have to hold down on the Control + Shift + I keys and it opens on Windows or use Option + Command + I on a Mac.

First go to and open the console as described above. Be sure you are on the tab that says Console. On my PC, the first tab is Elements. Then paste in this code  – document.cookie=”VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE=fPQ4jCL6EiE”

After that, refresh your page and click on your avatar in the top right corner. In the drop down box, select Dark Mode: Off. Slide the button over to On and you are in the Dark Mode.

There are tons of posts about this fun new feature on Twitter, but here is one from CNET:

Even though this feature hasn’t been officially announced yet, it is one possible change that YouTube is testing for a new site design. I hope this one becomes a permanent option.

I thought this video was interesting. It shows that you can get an add-on for Firefox that is called Dark YouTube Theme, which basically does the same thing. So, I had to give it a try.

When I searched, there were several add-ons that offered similar results, but Dark YouTube theme was about the third result down on the page. I installed the plugin and it worked as described.

With this option, though, you can’t just toggle it on and off with a drop down menu. You have to go to menu in Firefox (3 horizontal lines in the upper right corner) and choose Add-Ons. That opens in a new page and then you have to disable the Add-On to return to the lighter version of YouTube.

Check out the video below:

Reddit users are the discovers of YouTube’s hidden dark mode and many think it offers a more cinematic -type view. Our agency is very focused on video creation, marketing and syndication, so it will be exciting to see what changes YouTube makes to keep moving forward with the popularity of video. It is definitely here to stay!