Social media is now becoming an integrated part of the online marketing. The primary goal of social networking sites is – Social Mediacommunication. But the researchers, online marketers, buyers and sellers make it a more complex tool and multi-dimensional platform for sharing knowledge, expertise and problem solving.

However, being a small business owner, why should you use social media as a promotional platform for your business? Well, the answer is –

  1. It is cost effective
  2. You can reach millions of people without investing thousands of dollars
  3. You can get fresh, targeted traffic and customers in a single place
  4. You can run your advertisements in demographically specified areas
  5. You can target a specific age group

Which Social Networking Sites Are Best For Your Business?

Now you know the reasons, but what next? Well, it’s time to choose the best social media platforms for your business. Nevertheless, here is a small list for your reference –

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. YouTube
  4. Google+
  5. Pinterest
  6. Instagram
  7. LinkedIn

All of them have heavy traffic with an amazing user base. Still, it is strongly suggested that until you have sound knowledge about social media marketing for small business, don’t completely change your marketing campaign. Additionally, it is also suggested that no matter whether you start working your campaign on all social media platforms or not, it is very important that you set up profiles on all of them for a better web presence.


  1. First of all, set up profiles for all targeted social media platforms
  2. Create graphics that work for social media profiles including a business logo
  3. Use high quality images, especially in your header and logo, to look professional
  4. Set up social media profiles with custom images and skins
  5. Be consistent and sincere
  6. Automate some of your social media management
  7. Always answer legit questions
  8. Always follow back who follow you
  9. Do video promotion
  10. Calculate your ROI and conversion rate


  1. Don’t use low resolution, poor quality, stretched images in social networking profiles
  2. Don’t miss any important news to share
  3. Don’t make extensive use of social media automation tools
  4. Don’t be too corporate
  5. Delete users who don’t follow back
  6. Don’t make pure advertisements. Social media sites like Vimeo and MetaCafé simply delete the promotional contents
  7. Don’t involve in negative reviews or any sort of public arguments
  8. Don’t post a sales copy or promotional updates all the time
  9. Don’t post unlimited messages every day
  10. Don’t be a Spammer. You must be social and look like a real user, so post some conversational messages without links.

Social media marketing for small business is huge and that is where your current and future customers are looking for you.  In fact, approximately 46% of your online customers count on social media when making a purchase decision.  How are you using social media to drive traffic to your business?

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