manage social mediaTo become a successful business in the digital world, it is essential to develop and secure an online presence. Maintaining that online presence requires a strong ability to manage social media. Many businesses are turning to a social media services company for assistance.

Oh, “social media.” The two words that seem to make everybody cringe.

Older generations despise how the world depends on social media for communication and information. Younger generations dislike how their parents and grandparents lump every different app and program into one big category and write it all off as being inferior to personal interactions. Regardless of personal opinions, however, it is becoming clear that a having a firm understanding of how to manage social media is essential for operating a successful business.

For the business owner who isn’t familiar with social media (and doesn’t want to be, for that matter) it may be beneficial to embrace a company that offers SEO services for small businesses, SEO web marketing services, and social media optimization services. An SEO (i.e. Search Engine Optimization) marketing company can help small businesses develop an online presence through web design and development services — modern techniques that ensure a top spot on Google’s search engine when certain keywords are entered. For a successful business, it is essential to understand how Google’s search engine operates and sorts through the millions of web pages associated with certain keywords, since Google specifically controls 65%-70% of the global search engine market, and that around 93% of all online experiences start by using a search engine.

Content Development

Now more than ever, it’s important to incorporate quality content into a website which will both inform and entertain the reader, since an estimated 70%-80% of all search engine users completely ignore paid advertisements on page margins. Not only do newer businesses feel the pressure of acquiring an audience, but older businesses may find themselves stagnating because they put too much time and money into paid advertisements instead of developing quality content, both onsite and on external websites.

Social Media

Incorporation of social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) is also getting tricky; the popularity of sites constantly shifts and it can be difficult for a business to manage social media on so many different platforms. Certain generations tend to favor certain websites and dislike others — social media sites have changed so quickly that the ages of their most significant members are surprisingly distinct and predictable (for example, a 20-something is very likely to have a Facebook page while a teenager wouldn’t go near the site). Outsourcing social media advertising to a company that knows how to effectively manage social media can help a business reach the audience it needs to reach.

Whether a business can manage social media on its own or needs to outsource the task to an SEO services firm or a social media services company, one thing is clear: these are two aspects of the modern business world that can’t be ignored.