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Well, we made it to 2018! As we push forward into the next 300+ days, I would guarantee we are going to see some amazing advances in technology. Obviously, virtual and augmented reality are going to be integrated into our everyday space more than ever along with robots and virtual assistants.

Top Tech Developments for 2018

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Robots are already being used in homes and businesses all around the world, from cleaning hotels to managing family activities.

In fact, South Korea is going to use 85 different types of robots helpers at the Winter Olympic Games starting in February 2018. By the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, the plan is to utilize a 3D sensory system and artificial intelligence to help with tasks such as scoring gymnastics.

Personal Assistants

Virtual assistants like Alexa are also becoming a common occurrence for managing shopping lists, schedules, and making phone calls. Most of the big technology players like Apple, Google, and Microsoft are working on their own personal assistants, but Amazon has a huge headstart on the others, holding over 70 percent of the voice-controlled speaker market.

As mentioned, VR and AR will continue to mesh deeper into our daily lives via our phones, which is discussed in this post:

virtual and augmented reality

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Virtual reality was going to take over the world. But strapping on a headset to look at games or 360-degree videos hasn’t been the hit many had hoped. In 2018, a lot of that same technology could finally go mainstream using a gadget you already own: your smartphone.

Augmented reality overlays digital images onto the real world, as seen through your phone’s camera. Smartphones are including powerful AR technology in their devices so anyone with a fast enough device can try it out. For example, with Apple’s ARKit, iOS apps can map out a room and use realistic, changing lighting to make their objects better blend in with a scene.

We’re still waiting for the big break-out app, but AR could continue to change shopping and selfies in the next year. No bulky face-computer needed.

6 tech predictions for 2018

Bluetooth and Smartphones

Connectivity is a repeating theme for top technology developments in 2018, with Bluetooth 5 devices offering twice the data transfer speed and quadrupled range compared to the previous 4.2 version. Apple’s iPhone 8 and iPhone X, as well as Samsung’s Galaxy S8, already have the Bluetooth 5 capability, so expect to see even more devices rock the new connectivity standard in 2018.

Another upcoming numerical advancement is 5G spectrum for mobile data usage. Also known as fifth generation wireless, it is a network system that has much higher speeds and capacity with lower latency than previous versions.

It hasn’t been released yet, but some of the bigger carriers such as Verizon and AT&T plan to roll it out in 2018.

The next video includes the narrator’s top 10 tech predictions for this year. Even though some are personal opinion, I think he has some good insight:

His last declaration concerning a new, more relaxed social media site may be pretty accurate. People are getting tired of the big hitters playing “God” by choosing what is and isn’t okay to post or view. Platforms like Reddit and Ello are examples of sites allowing fewer ads and more freedom of speech, but I am sure it is tricky figuring out where to draw the line.

AI vs Humans

Another repeating theme for 2018 is artificial intelligence and machine learning. A number of industries are already deep into AI, such as education, finance, and healthcare.

One writer’s story of how AI humanoids may soon be available as a companion, sharing conversation, housework, and memories but never able to replace true love, is a representation of the relationship between man and the conscious machine.

In the story, his wife is taken from him by cancer and after years of being alone, a friend suggests a humanoid companion. He names her Angela.rose after his deceased wife, Rose. However, what seemed to be the perfect answer becomes a soul-searching quest for our existence:

The Relationship of Robotics and Humans

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I was answerless. Dumb, as if vacuum in oblivion. Awe stricken too. Perhaps it is where the answer to my agony, my loneliness lies. Why should we be too dependent on machines? Why are we talking about human-like machines? Why not only Rose and not Angela. rose? Can we not evolve as a super conscious being to invoke powers within that gives joy and cares for our emotion? Can we not be contented for what we have or what we would be delighted to have? Should we not keep memories alive and humans and their emotions while they are alive? Should we not be masters instead of being slaves of super-intelligent machines? Should we not practice mind-body-control (MBC) instead of man-machine-control (MMC)? Should MBC not decide MMC? Instead of creating should we not have controlled pro-creative activity to bring about superior genesis on our planet? Should we not envision our generation for a better human instead of planning for a multilevel humanoid?

Read the full story here: La Angela.rose

Finding a happy ending with technology and humankind not destroying each other sounds like a sci-fi story but we are closer than we’ve ever been to having robots that can mimic human expressions and carry on a conversation. Have you seen Sophia, the creation of Hanson Robotics? Pretty impressive!

Some experts believe that these human-like robots are “the key to smoothing communication between humans and computers, and realizing a dream of compassionate robots that help invent the future of life.”

I think 2018 is going to be an interesting year!