Assisting Businesses With More Tailored Ads

YouTube has rolled out some new tools geared toward helping businesses improve their video advertising. One of the most intriguing is called Director Mix, which allows businesses to create bulk video ads targeting a variety of audiences, all from the same video clips.

YouTube Director Mix

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How does Director Mix work?

Advertisers will provide the Director Mix platform with the building blocks of a video, including copy, background, and voiceovers. From these building blocks, YouTube’s software will create hundreds of different versions.

The ads are then sent out to a specific audience tailored around things like online search history and what apps they have downloaded. Here’s more information about the tool:

YouTube today introduced a series of new tools for marketers, one of the more notable being “Director Mix,” a technology that allows a company to create thousands of video ads tailored for different audiences all using a single creative asset. That is, the advertiser could upload a number of different voiceovers, backgrounds, and copy, and the system will then automatically create different versions of the video ad to match the advertiser’s various audience segments they’re targeting, explains Google in an announcement about the new technologies.

YouTube’s new ad tech automatically personalizes ads, can now target using Google Maps, app install data

YouTube Director app for business

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Previously, advertisers were only able to target users based on searches they performed on YouTube. This new technique uses data from Google and is able to drill down deeper into viewer’s habits.

For example, if a user downloads a fitness app and has searched online for health clubs, they would potentially receive ads about exercise equipment.

Tara Walpert Levy, the vice president of agency and media solutions at YouTube, explained to Business Insider that their quandary was,  “How do we help brands to find an easier way to make more personalized ads that connect better with people’s attention and are even more effective in viewing it?”

Advantages of YouTube Director

The YouTube Director app, currently only available on iPhone, is another facet of the new marketing tools from Google and YouTube. It encourages individuals to shoot their own video footage, easily edit it, add text and animations, and upload it for promotion.

This video was released showing how the app can take a business owner on a step-by-step wizard for creating their own video:

Video Ads vs TV Ads

Google and YouTube’s announcement today referred to their latest Ipsos research that suggests people are three times more apt to pay attention to online video ads as opposed to television ads. This is based on the assumption that when someone goes to YouTube, they are there to watch video, so a video advertisement is somewhat expected.

They listed several reasons why they feel this new system will enhance people’s viewing experiences as opposed to interrupting them:

1) Helping brands reach the right audiences
2) Enabling custom creative at scale
3) Telling a story that breaks free of a single unit
4) Measuring the impact – New ways to measure sales liftInside AdWords: Know Their Intention, Get Their Attention: New Ways to Connect and Measure on YouTube

As a user of Google products, there is a vast amount of information stored concerning your online activity, which is something we put up with in order to use their platform. It does feel a bit like “Big Brother is watching” and doesn’t go over well with some that feel like it is an invasion of privacy.

However, by leveraging that comprehensive supply of Google data in coordination with YouTube Director Mix for video marketing, it will improve the efficiency of the ad as well as your marketing dollars.